About Us

Welcome to Sawarlu. Welcome to Noor's world of style, grace, and elegance.

Welcome to the world of Sawarlu, where passion meets fashion, and every garment tells a story. Meet our founder, Noor Afshan, a dynamic force in the realms of fashion and dance, and a beloved influencer and content creator known for her authentic, real, and raw presence on social media.

Noor is more than just a name; she’s a visionary with big dreams, sheer passion, and unyielding ambition. Growing up surrounded by strong women, she learned early on the transformative power of clothing and its profound influence on mood and confidence. Thus, the idea behind Sawarlu by Noor Afshan was born – a brand that embodies her essence, her style, and her journey.

With Sawarlu, Noor invites you to join her on a personal voyage, a journey close to her heart, where every stitch and every fabric choice reflects her distinct style and personality. She believes in making fashion effortless, simple, and accessible to every woman, especially for those special festive or wedding occasions where attire holds significance beyond mere fabric.

Through Sawarlu, Noor aims to not just offer clothing but to create experiences, to empower women to embrace their individuality, and to celebrate the joy of dressing up. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with Noor Afshan, where style meets substance, and fashion becomes a reflection of self-expression.


Why Choose Us

Uncompromising Quality

At Sawarlu, quality is our top priority. Each suit is crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability and elegance

Exceptional Service

At Sawarlu, customer satisfaction is paramount. is committed to providing personalized service and assistance at every step of your suit-buying journey.

Timeless Elegance

Whether you prefer classic designs or modern twists, Sawarlu suits exude timeless elegance that transcends trends. Invest in sophistication

Mission And Vision Statement for Sawarlu

Our Mission

At Suits by Sawarlu, our mission is to redefine elegance and confidence by providing impeccably crafted, sustainable, and versatile suits for individuals who appreciate quality and style. We aim to empower our customers to express their unique identities with sophistication and flair, while promoting ethical practices throughout our supply chain


At Suits by Sawarlu, our vision is to be the premier destination for discerning individuals seeking timeless elegance and sustainability in their wardrobe choices. We aspire to set new standards of excellence in the fashion industry by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. By fostering a culture of creativity, inclusivity,